Mindful Employer NZ

Employees in every industry will be affected - directly or indirectly - by a mental health issue at some point in their career.

Mental health issues are common. At any one time, one in six employees will be experiencing a mental health issue. And if employers fail to respond appropriately to these issues, research shows that it costs employers up to $2,000 per employee per year.

Becoming a Mindful Employer can help you create a positive, supportive, healthy and productive workplace, and help avoid the costs of not responding appropriately to mental health issues.


What is Mindful Employer NZ?

Mindful Employer NZ is a programme dedicated to supporting employers and raising awareness and understanding of mental health issues in the workplace. An initiative between Platform Trust and Workwise, the programme provides information and resources that make it easier to talk about mental health issues and supports delivery of mental health awareness training.

The programme will initially be piloted in the Waikato region with the intention of establishing a national initiative in the future.

Mindful Employer NZ has been inspired by the UK and Australian initiatives of the same name. In the UK alone, more than 1 ¼ million people work for employers who have signed up to the programme.