Why should I sign up to Mindful Employer?

Through the Mindful Employer NZ programme, both you and your employees will improve knowledge and skills in working with and supporting others who have mental health issues. Mindful Employers have a crucial role to play in reducing misunderstanding and unhelpful attitudes towards mental health issues in the workplace.

What does the Mindful Employer NZ programme involve?

Organisational Charter

The Mindful Employer NZ Charter contains positive statements outlining your business’ commitment toward creating a better workplace for people affected by mental health issues. We will work with you to integrate Mindful Employer and this Charter into your business – to support and reinforce current workplace health and training programmes while maintaining business objectives.

Access to awareness training

Organisations that sign up to Mindful Employer get access to subsidised mental health awareness training that cater for your individual organisation’s requirements.

Recommended training
Mental health learning programme MH101, run by Blueprint for Learning, is a recommended training provider. MH101 has been shown to increase a persons’ confidence to recognise, relate and respond to customers, colleagues, friends and family experiencing mental illness. For organisations and businesses, MH101 can increase productivity and efficiency by supporting staff to develop strategies to maintain their personal wellbeing and to respond with compassion and knowledge to others. Workshops are held throughout the country at either your workplace or one of our training venues. For more information, view the MH101 website.

Further information on subsidised training coming soon.

Advice, mentoring and support

Dealing with mental health issues in the workplace can seem daunting. By signing up to Mindful Employer NZ, resources and advice around mental health in the workplace is provided.

It's free! Sign up to Mindful Employer NZ before the end of the year and we will waive the administration fee!

Some of the benefits...

For you as the employer

Create a safe and healthy workplace. Improved support and training will reduce misunderstanding and unhelpful attitudes toward mental health issues in the workplace.

Return on investment (ROI). Research suggests that New Zealand businesses loose the equivalent of $2,000 per employee, per year by failure to respond appropriately when employees experience mental health issues.

Improve absenteeism and presenteeism. Untreated mental health issues can lead to high rates of absenteeism. In Australia, 18 million absentee days per year are attributed to untreated mental health issues.

Corporate social responsibility. Improve the quality of life of your employees and their families as well as the wider community.

For your employee

Increased job satisfaction and team morale. Employees affected by mental health issues are more likely to trust managers and colleagues, and to be productive, when there is understanding about the reality of mental health issues and openness to flexibility and reasonable adjustments.

Improved wellbeing and self-worth. Employment promotes social inclusion and meaningful participation in the community. An understanding environment at work helps the employee to feel they are valued and contributing to society and supports people to be the best they can be.

Avoidance of a crisis. Understanding and support at work reduce the risk of someone becoming suddenly unwell. Both employer and employee are better prepared, reducing stress on both, aiding business continuity and helping to maintain productivity.